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If you require a unique, 5 star entertainment experience, it is only a click away. Xavier is a performer unlike anyone else. Specialized and custom entertainment experiences, made specifically with you in mind.

Making Memorable Moments with ease:

Virtual Psychological Illusion Show

As seen by companies like Google, HP and Intel

Live Magic & Mentalism Stage Show

An evening filled with strong magic and a touch of hypnosis!

Up Close And Amazing

Receptions with Xavier creates an experience!

What makes the shows special?

Xavier’s Show brings hope for a new era of entertainment and connection. Connecting people, friends, relatives and colleagues on a deeper level is of the highest importance.

Xavier Crow’s Shows are designed to bring people together, through an engaging experience, in person or online, that will be talked about for years to come.

That is the power of the experience you are about to book with Xavier. If you’re in search of something new and exciting look no further. Xavier Crow’s is your entertainment solution, and only one booking away.


about Xavier:

Xavier’s World Class show is tailored to engage and interact up close and personal with CEOs, board members, managers and employees alike.

Xavier’s shows have been proven through testimony to bring people together. A perfect way to keep everyone entertained, motivated and most importantly, connected.

Body language book download

Becoming a Master Mentalist requires a diverse understanding of human behavior. Reading Body Language plays an important role not only in entertainment but in life.

Understanding each others subtle signals that they tell us with their bodies is a helpful way of communicating better in the work place and in life. Enjoy Xavier’s free introduction to body language book download. Body language in the workplace and for effective communication

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“Thank you Xavier! Great show 🤩🤩🤩”

“WOW, he was awesome!!!
I do not have any words!

“Hi Xavier, thank you SO much!! Your show was absolutely great and my people were (and still are) so amazed!! Well done🤩”

“Thanks so much Xavier, the team loved it!”

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4 reasons to book Xavier

World Class

Companies all over the world have invited Xavier to their most important occasions to add a touch of professional entertainment to the events. His level of expertise in this field are internationally acclaimed


Whether you are hosting a virtual engagement or live gala, Xavier has a show to fit perfectly with your vision. Both show options are as engaging as each other, and even the virtual show will make you feel you were witnessing a live stage act!


Each show you choose will have a personal touch. Xavier guarantees to customize each and every experience to make it mean something special, just for you.


You are not just watching the show. You are the show! Extreme interaction and audience participation are just two things that sets these experiences apart from all the rest. Fast paced and totally in your hands…. And minds!

Video Testimonials

Liza Smith

“WOW, he was awesome!!! I do not have any words! Really!!”

A limitless Show

“We never thought that we will live to see our team participate in such a bold way. Xavier took us to places we will never forget!”

"Can i give 10 Stars?"

“At first we were skeptical, as the team’s expectations from our events have been super high. But Xavier was so good we had people say that this is it. We will never be able to outdo this event!”

Thank you Xavier!

“That is incredible! You are NOT normal!!!”

A perfect match!

“We thought it’s going to be hard to find the right entertainer for our culture. But then we met Xavier…”

More Testimonials

“It was great, thank you!
Gonna spend all night thinking how you did that..”

“This was absolutely amazing! Thank you very much 😁 As you might have heard after the show, everybody thinks it was brilliant. I totally agree and will recommend you for friends and colleagues. Thanks again! 👏🏻👏🏻☺️”

“Thank you Xavier 🤩 You were amazing 🤩”

“Hi Xavier! Thank you for the amazing show! It was just great. No idea how on earth you did all that 😅”

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